Posted by: Valentino Radman | January 14, 2010

Jozo Kljakovic’s mozaics

On these photos are the details of the mosaics from the top of the The Pontifical Croatian College of St. Jerome in Rome.

They were done in late 1940s by Vatican workshops, based on designs by famous Croatian painter Jozo Kljaković. (The photos are somewhat distorted since I took them from the low vantage point)

The subject of this one is the baptism of Croats, which took place in 7th century. The Croats were the first among the Slavs who converted to Christianity.

Croats bow to the Prince of Peace (see the Latin description to the right). I particularly like the central part of picture: Christ flanked by Archangels

The Coronation of Croatian king Demetrius Zvonimir, by a legate of Pope Gregory VII.
It took place on 8 October 1075 at Solin.
edit 21.04. 2014:  here’s the link to the article on Kljaković’s sacral art. In addition there’s this YT video on Kljaković (in Croatian) Thanks to prof. Darko Žubrinić


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