Posted by: Valentino Radman | February 4, 2010

Vladimir Filakovac

Vladimir Filakovac (1892 – 1972)
Filakovac has studied at Budapest. In the early part of his career Filakovac continued tradition of the Munich Circle (that of painters Josip Račić, Miroslav Kraljević, Vladimir Becić and Oskar Herman) doing figurative compositions, portraits and landscapes. He later adopted post-impressionist approach. Filakovac’s work is not avant-garde in the common sense, but nevertheless he has always demonstrated an understanding of the medium, and was renowned for his painterly skills and developed taste.

Nude, 1916

Artist’s Children, 1939

detail – pay attention to the lively brushwork. I particularly like the way he painted the expression of the girl on the right.

Lady by the Table. This one was painted in the late 1940’s (if I recall correctly). The painting is dominated by slightly slanted vertical parts, which make for more interesting,  dynamic composition.



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