Posted by: Valentino Radman | February 6, 2010

Miroslav Kraljević

Miroslav Kraljević (1885-1913) studied law in Vienna, but two years later he left for Munich, where he enrolled the Academy.

Kraljević joined the class of Hugo von Habermann where he met other Croatian painters: Josip Račić and Vladimir Becić. In 1911 Kraljević moved to Paris to see the works of Impressionists first hand. There, in the City of Lights, he draw and paint numerous sketches from contemporary life, including street and café scenes, the theater and dance. In those works Kraljević demonstrated his sense of the grotesque and expressionistic touch.

He painted with many different styles, including Impressionism, Pointillism and Expressionism. He also became known for his erotic drawings done in charcoal and ink, the latter being somewhat similar to the manner of Aubrey Beardsley.

Here are a couple of his works (click for enlargement):

Self portrait with a dog (details)
Notice nice, juicy brushstrokes on dog’s head

Hunting still life, 1910

Notice how Kraljević put emphasis not on faithful rendering of every feather, but on a modeling of the complex forms of the birds. He achieved it tonally using warm and cool neutrals.

A drawing on the right does show superficial resemblance to  Beardsley, but  Kraljević’s line is freer.

These two paintings below, done during Kraljević’s stay in Paris, mark the beginning of his pursuit of a new, expressionist aesthetic.


  1. hi, I would love to know where you found these high quality photos of miroslav kraljevic’s work 🙂

    • I took the photos at the exhibition. Glad you like MK.

  2. […] Unfortunately the above image quality is rather poor. Below is a great detail of the dog from Croatian painter Valentino Radman’s blog: […]

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