Posted by: Valentino Radman | February 19, 2010

Anka Krizmanić

Anka Krizmanić (1896-1987)  was Croatian painter and engraver. She took classes at Tomislav Krizman‘s private school ( from 1910 to 1913), then went studying at Kunstgewerbeschule in Dresden. The French government grant enabled  her to study in Paris, in 1929–31.

She makes her first public appearance as early as 1910, while she was in his mid-teens. Krizmanić participated then at the exhibition of the Medulić group (active from 1908-1916). She was known for her pastel and oil portraits as well as landscape and figure paintings. Anka Krizmanić has also done tapestries, fashion drawings and poster designs. Besides, she worked as illustrator at the Institute of Anatomy of the Faculty of Medicine.

She was very prolific and has created more than 5700 attributed works. Since I do not have any photo of her works, here is a couple of scans and third generation images.

Self portraits (the engraving is from 1915)


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