Posted by: Valentino Radman | March 6, 2010

Miljenko Stančić, draftsman and illustrator

I recently loaned a book on Stančić in order to get some more images of his work. For this post I decided to upload several reproductions of his drawings and a newspaper illustration. As one can see, besides being a brilliant painter, Stančić was equally good draftsman. What sets him apart of other great portraitists is the fact that he often made portrait drawings and paintings from memory, without a sitter present (!)

Stančić was an erudite and he had many friends in literary, musical and theatrical circles. With the exception of actor Constantin Stanislavski, all the people portrayed here are writers and poets.

Thomas Mann and Miroslav Krleža

Antun Šoljan and  Dragutin Tadijanović

Jure Kaštelan and Ranko Marinković

Constantin Stanislavski and poet Zvonimir Golob

Newspaper illustration, 1957



  1. S cim su radjeni ovi portreti? npr Tadijanovicev, Ujevic, Golob? prekrasno. akril, ugljen, litografije? super blog.

    • Thx. Ovi koje sam postirao su uglavnom rađeni ugljenom, s tim da je ovaj zadnji crtež kombinacija tuša i ugljena ako se ne varam…

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