Posted by: Valentino Radman | March 26, 2010

Vladimir Filakovac – part 2

Several weeks ago I posted an entry on this Croatian artist with the photos that I took at two exhibitions. In the meantime I acquired a monograph on Filakovac which was published recently.  Here are some additional images which I scanned from that book.

A View of the Drava river, 1924                    Artist’s daughter Asta, 1939

Opera Singer Nada Krelja, 1940                    Street in Vienna, 1921

Backyard in Dubrava, 1940

Artist’s son Mirko, 1940                                   Artist’s Niece Alisa, 1925


  1. […] Another good 20th century painter who’s work is in the museum here in Zagreb, but is hard to find online, is Vladimir Filakovac. Valentino Radman has a couple of blog posts on him here and here. […]

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