Posted by: Valentino Radman | April 5, 2010

Vladimir Varlaj

Vladimir Varlaj (1895-1962) is the least known member of the Group of Four, which he formed 1918 in Prague, along with Vilko Gecan, Marijan Trepše and Milivoj Uzelac. They absorbed both post-Cezannesque and expressionistic influences (see Red Houses below). Varlaj was, as well, the most prominent figure in Croatian magical realism at the time.
Though he executed numerous portraits and still lives, the major part of Varlaj’s oeuvre are landscapes. Under Cezannesque and cubist influences,
he simplifyed forms to their basic geometric equivalents, utilizing primary hues to express the essence of the subject. Varlaj’s colours are not naturalistic, they are usually simbolic, expressionistic – intended to evoke the feeling and create the mood, not to copy the observed visual facts.
His intimate landscapes, city views and seascapes are imbued with feeling of tranquility and calmness in the spirit of magical realism – which is evident from these examples. (click for enlargements)

Self Portrait, 1942                                                         Vrbnik, 1923

The Bridge (year unknown)                                     Red Houses, 1923

An Orchard, 1924                                                     Still Life, 1944


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