Posted by: Valentino Radman | April 21, 2010

Most recent commission

I got this commission three weeks ago. It is a gift to Zadar’s new, recently appointed archbishop Želimir Puljić

My clients haven’t suggested any particular subject matter, so I should have come up with my own idea for the painting. So, after several days of thinking, researching and sketching, I eventually settled for Zadar’s patron saints.

Zadar has four patron saints: St Simon, St Krsevan (Chrysogonus), St Anastasia, St Zoilo (Zoilus)…dar/?g2_page=8
I included them all in this composition either as figures (St. Chrysogonus on the right, St Anastasia in the center), or the churches (or/and their bell towers) dedicated to them. The main axes of the composition reflect cruciform. On the far right end of horizontal axis I placed the church of St Donatus which is the symbol of Zadar, though he is not our patron saint.

Donatus was bishop of Zadar at the beginning of 8th century. Owing to his diplomatic skills in negotiating the peace between the Byzantine emperor and the Frankish king Charlemagne, he obtained as a gift the relics of the Early Christian martyr St. Anastasia, still kept in the marble sarcophagus of our Cathedral which has since been named after the saint – St Anastasia.

I also suggested a large “Z” (violet shapes in the lower half) which stand for both Zadar and Zoilus. On the lower right part of the “Z” I painted a choir screen panel from the Church of St. Domenica (Sv. Nediljica) in Zadar. That relief is one of the greatest achievement of  Croatian Pre-Romanesque sculpture.


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