Posted by: Valentino Radman | July 24, 2010

Vasilije Jordan – dreamscapes

Vasilije Josip Jordan (1934.) is one of the most intriguing and acclaimed contemporary Croatian artists. He graduated 1958., from Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb in the class of famous and esteemed professor Ljubo Babić.  His first solo exhibition took place in Gallery of Modern Art, Zagreb – and it was complete success. Over the following decades, Jordan built his reputation and became familiar name in artistic circles in Europe, particularly in Italy through his anthological exhibits Rome, Bologna, Padua and Milan. Jordan’s way of approaching figural art is dense with symbols, music and evocation transcending the realm of time. He works in alternative wolrd of images: in metaphysical, surreal one which involves dream-like invention and a poetics of recomposed memory. Jordan uses elements intimately selected and filtered on the level of his psyche, which spring from fables, stories, the direct experiences of his childhood and adolescence; dreams and images pored over in old magazines and illustrated books.

Jordan’s poetic quest has always aimed toward kind of a parallel time, in which one might save one’s sensibility, one’s personal “slowness”; one’s quiet, retrospective gaze, rich with nostalgia, memories, dreams, and wishes in contrast with the times…Visions contrasted with the surroundings and nearly always suggestive of rich inner reality. Here are several Jordan’s paintings I have chosen from the monograph on him published last year. (click for enlargement)

The Votive Wall, 1970                                                     The Wall of Dreams, 1973

Sunday, 1980                                                                  Habitat, 1984

Dust of Time, 1996                                                   Lagoon, 2002

Pieta, 2006                                               Mediterranean Landscape, 1996



  1. Thanks for your article, Now there is more reason to comment than ever before!

  2. Of course this blog entry is from 3 years ago but I’m hopeful of finding an agent that sells Vasilije’s wonderful art. I have been looking and looking for the painting that depicts the carrying of the cross, crucifixion, death and resurrection of Christ in order to see if any prints were made of the original. If anyone has a clue please respond and I will periodically check in.

  3. Gloria, a bit of googling helps. Here’s one of the galleries that sell Vasilije’s works:
    Try contact them. Good Luck.

    • Valentino, thank you so much for the fantastic link! I don’t normally use google’s search engine on my personal computer (because of the cookies) so that’s how I missed the alm gallery. I’ve just sent them an email. Again, your kindness is very much appreciated! Best regards…Gloria

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