Posted by: Valentino Radman | November 14, 2010

Robert Auer exhibition

After the exhibition of the great Croatian painter Vlaho Bukovac, the Klovićevi dvori gallery is mounting an exhibition of his contemporary: painter Robert Auer (1873 – 1952). I already uploaded one of his celebrated paintings (Festive Day) here

Schooled at the academy in Vienna and Munich at the time when the Art Nouveau movement (also known as Jugendstil, Secession and Liberty Style) swept across Europe and greatly influenced the European cultural centres, Robert Auer is often tied to this particular artistic style. He gained popularity as a portraitist of the upper class, having painted more than 150 portraits, and just as many nudes and allegorical compositions. He was the only Croatian painter who presented his works at the famous 1896 Secession exhibition in Munich, and his works received special recognition at the presentation of Croatian art at the 1906 World Fair in Paris.

Although his artistic expression was later (after the second world war) characterized as bourgeois, and his work largely neglected, the artistic value of this prolific painter is most often recognized by collectors. This is why the majority of his works that are on display at this exhibition have been borrowed from private collections.

Due to the fact that the works displayed are not property of the gallery, taking photo was not allowed, so I am uploading here images scanned from catalogue which accompained exhibition. Needles to say, the reproductions, though fairly decent, do no do justice to the originals.


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