Posted by: Valentino Radman | November 26, 2010

Zadar’s Cathedral painting

Here’s a commission I have been working on over a previous couple of weeks: Zadar’s Cathedral with belltower, oil on panel, 60 x 77cm.

It is the second commission I’ve done of the same subject. The first one you can see on my website. For this painting I have had more time on my disposal, therefore it was somewhat more detailed.

Since half of the painting is stonework, the challenge for me was to contrive the hues which will be more interesting than plain off-white and gray colors of stone.
Another problem which had to be solved was the placement of shadows on the church facade and construction of their shape and colors (the sun was not in the right relative altitude in order to create a shadow which will appear as I envisioned). Of course, the perspective drawing of the floor pattern on the Cathedral square and the nearby street was also high on the list of priorities.
Here are my reference photos so you can compare.

The perspective is somewhat steep, but it is the only spot from which one could capture the whole square. I used wide angle lenses, but of course, one could not simply project this image on the panel, because wide angle lenses heavily distort geometry of the photo. So, the detailed perspective drawing was required. Here are the shots of work in progress.


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