Posted by: Valentino Radman | March 22, 2011

Where is Patrizia…?

I completed yesterday this painting. It is about my attitude toward government’s policy, particularly when it comes to matters of vital national interest. So, the content of the painting is obvious only to Croats, but I hope the piece works on pictorial level, as well..

It measures 70x50cm, oil on canvas. (click for enlargement)



  1. Hi Valentino,
    It looks like an anti EU demonstration…what is the message?

  2. It was actually not anti EU demonstration, it was something else, loosely related with that issue (Croatia is on its way to became EU member next year or in 2013).
    The story is quite long and in order to get the content of the painting one should be familiar with many illogical, even absurd decisions made by our state administration over the past 10+ years.

  3. Disturbance and chaos as direct consequences of our Croatian government not bothering for public opinions and not bothering for real mess ( in economy, social care, safety and security of people and their property, culture and politics) of internal and foreign affairs…. Parlament members as scabs, behave as foreign parlament – not Croatiian, they care about what others in Europe thinks and want but no matter what Croatian people think and want and wish. Nihilism is obvious in Government and Parlament. Provincialism and babbitt attitude of Government and Parlament. HypoAlpe bank is symbol of betrayal of own people, woman is symbol of beauty and hope and truth – they never die as all 3 together create freedom which will come inside our country and regions and homes and hearths.

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