Posted by: Valentino Radman | June 19, 2011

Leonardo´s cannon found in Croatia

Leonardo Da Vinci designed triple barrel canon has been found in Croatia.

The 15th century canon was actually found four decades ago when some school kids informed the museum in the town of Benkovac (30 km east of Zadar) of what they had found in the fortress of Kličevica. A spokesman for the Benkovac museum said: ‘We have only recently confirmed the age of our cannon and that it was one designed by Da Vinci.
Scholars are still double checking whether this was Da Vinci’s only original canon left in the world. What is know for sure is that the triple barrel canon in Da Vinci’s museum in Milan, Italy was only a replica.
The archaeologists believe it was probably brought to the Croatian area of Dalmatia from Venice, as Venetians ruled the area at that time and fought Turks for control.

The original Leonardo Da Vinci’s bronze triple barrel canon has now been exhibited in the Benkovac museum.


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