Posted by: Valentino Radman | March 5, 2012

Apoxyomenos on its way to Louvre

Apoxyomenos, an ancient bronze statue of an athlete scraping off oil and dust from his body after a competition, which was found in 1999 in the sea, close to Mali Lošinj, on Croatia’s northern Adriatic coast, is on its way to the Louvre Museum in Paris, where it will form part of the Festival of Croatian Culture.

The statue is of priceless value for Croatian culture, and therefore is insured against a variety of events such as loss, theft, various damages related to transporting the statue, earthquakes, vandalism and even terrorist acts. So far, Apoxyomenos has been exhibited in Florence and Ljubljana, where it was insured for an amount of 30 million Euros.
Since only a few original Greek bronze statues remain, Apoxyomenos is an extraordinary example of the world’s cultural heritage.

Academician Nenad Cambi of Split and Professor Vincenzo Saladino of Florence drew up archaeological and art historical survey on the statue.
Academician Cambi dates this type of statue to about the middle of the 4th century BC and concludes that it is most likely a Hellenistic copy of the 1st-2nd century BC.
Professor Saladino is of the opinion that the prototype of the Apoxyomenos can be dated to the period of Hellenism, about 300 BC, and that the dissemination of it via the making of copies started in the 1st century BC. This was the most likely date for the making of the sculpture found near Mali Lošinj Channel, a frequent navigational route leading to the northern part of the Adriatic, to Istra and Italy.

More about the discovery and restoration of the statue here.

above: Apoxyomenos and its restorer, Mr. Antonio Šerbetić


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