Posted by: Valentino Radman | May 12, 2012

Bukovac’s copy of Boucher

Copying art has a long history. In the past, when there were no available reproductions around, art students learned  the secrets of their crafts by copying the masterworks. Almost every artist I can think of did that, and many of them went to great length to study the works of the artists they admired.

It is always interesting to see the copies the great painters have done after other great painters. Here is  Mythological Scene with Huntress by the Sea, a copy which Vlaho Bukovac made after Francois Boucher (1703–1770). It measures 100 x 116 cm.

Bukovac spent 16 years of his life in Paris (from 1877 till 1893), where he established himself as an excellent portraitist. Thanks to the small painted study, “Hand,” he was accepted at the École des Beaux Arts in the already overfull class of Alexandre Cabanel. He made such quick progress in painting that just the following year, in 1878, he exhibited at one of the most important international exhibitions – the Paris Salon. For the next fifteen years, until 1893, Bukovac would exhibit on Salon regularilly.


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