Posted by: Valentino Radman | June 8, 2012

400th Edition of French magazine Geo dedicated to Croatia

Popular French magazine ‘Geo’ has dedicated its 400th edition to Croatia, describing the beauty and tourist offerings of the country.

Around 5 million readers of the French magazine ‘Geo’, are treated to ten pages about Croatia and the country as a tourist destination. Geo magazine is a similar publication to National Geographic and is renowned for its profound articles.

The June edition of Geo features reports from journalists Sylvie Buy and Nicolas Ancelin after their visit to Croatia. The pair introduce readers to the beauty of the not so well known places to the French people, and write about the Venetian charm of Istria, Opatija’s Belle Epoque ambience, the beautiful islands in the Kvarner region, Zadar’s futuristic monuments, the purity of the sea in Lošinj and much more.

(Source: Croatian Times)



  1. We have recently visited Dubrovnik for the third time and were thrilled to find the painting by Vlaho Bukovac in the Dominican church there. He really is a superb artist and I cannot understand why he is not more widely known in the UK, where we live.
    I have bookmarked you Blog and intend to read it all when I have time. I feel that we should explore more of Croatia and intend doing some research on where we might visit next year. Please keep up the good work.
    Yours sincerely
    David McCaffrey

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