Posted by: Valentino Radman | August 4, 2012

Veronika Cesar – 16 year old artist

Veronika Cesar was born in the mid 90s in Orlando, Florida as the first child of the Croatian Animator Darko Cesar and the Croatian artist Mirjana Cesar.
She showed an avid interest in art from an early age, amusing her preschool teachers with her dinosaur drawings at the age of 3.  Veronica was greatly influenced by Disney Animated Movies (a few of which her father worked on), cartoons and video games.
Years later she become a self taught digital artist, using Photoshop and then moving on to Paint Tool SAI.
She also dabbles in traditional media using pencils and watercolors.
Her main interest is illustration. She’s aiming to attend Ringling College of Design in Sarasota, Florida after completing High School in 2014.
Here is an interview with Veronika, made two years ago, when she was only 14. Her drawings (even those from that time) are very impressive. They reveal not only outstanding sensitivity to the form but thoroughly understanding of the principles of visual design, as well.

Veronika’s gallery on DeviantART:




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