Posted by: Valentino Radman | October 9, 2012

View of Dubrovnik

I recently wrote about the exhibition “Orient & Occident – Austrian Artists travelling East” at The Belvedere Museum in Vienna. One of the paintings of Emil Jakob Schindler, whose work illustrated my post, will be offered at Dorotheum auction of 19th Century Paintings on October 16th. It is View of Ragusa (Dubrovnik), painted in 1887 during Schindler’s second journey to the Dalmatian coast.

The people shown in the foreground are the artist’s wife, the Hamburg singer Anna Bergen, and their daughter Alma, who later married Gustav Mahler and Franz Werfel. The figures on the right in the middle of the work are the painter Carl Moll, shown dressed as a gardener, and Schindler’s second daughter, Grete, who later married the painter Wilhelm Legler. Schindler had rented a house in Dubrovnik which is clearly visible at the edge of the cliffs. During severe Sirocco winds the waves would break over the cliff, creating a magical spectacle.

Schindler is doubtless the most outstanding practitioner of Austrian mood painting. “He is regarded as a spiritus rector, a leadership figure and shining light” (Gerbert Frodl, Stimmungsimpressionismus, Vienna 1999, p. 30.) This work may be regarded as one of the most, if not the most important of Emil Jakob Schindler’s paintings. (click for enlargement)


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