Posted by: Valentino Radman | January 10, 2013

Croat Wins National Geographic Photo Of The Year Contest

Šaljić - Matterhorn1

Croatian photographer Nenad Šaljić has won an award at the 2012 National Geographic Photo Contest. He is the winner for “Places” category with this photo, The Matterhorn at Full Moon.

It was chosen out of 22,000 photographs from all over the world by judges at the world’s most famous geographic magazine. Šaljić’s love for the mountain landscapes was spurred in 2006 when he accepted an invitation to a trekking expedition in the region of Mount Everest. Over the course of three years, he’s taken thousands of Matterhorn shots, even though only 31 of those are displayed in his portfolio. This is one of the photos taken in October 2102 between 3 and 5am during a strong wind and minus 15 degrees temperatures last year.

Here are two more from the same series:

Saljic - Matterhorn2



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