Posted by: Valentino Radman | February 22, 2013

My entry in You Be The Judge Art Contest


I am honored to have one of my works included in You Be The Judge art contest. It has been posted on this link for viewers to vote on.

Click on any of the thumbnail images (those fifteen in the middle) to get a closer look at each work of art. The enlarged image will display all of the information needed for voting, including an assigned entry number for each piece.Once you’ve decided on a favorite, scroll down to the voting box at the bottom of the page and cast your vote. Only one vote per computer or mobile device is allowed.

The deadline for voting is March 3, 2013.

Valentino Radman - study for portrait

Edit (March 13th): 
I have just been notified that this drawing has received one of the three 
highest vote counts and, as a result, will now advance to the 
Grand Prize round at the end of the contest. 
Thank you all who voted for me!

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