Posted by: Valentino Radman | July 5, 2013

Drawings, studies, sketches…

I wrote several times about Croatian turn-of-the-century painters, both modernists and “traditionalists”, for instance here, here  and here.

A couple of weeks ago I came across a small booklet containing drawings by Croatian artists who studied at Munich Academy in 19th or in the beginning of 20th century. Those works are either student drawings done in a class, sketchbook field studies, caricatures or preparatory drawings for larger compositions. Unfortunately majority of reproductions are rather small in size. Here are the largest ones (click for enlargement).

The artists are (top-bottom): Menci Klement Crnčić (1902), Mato Celestin Medović – two studies (1893), Miroslav Kraljević – Self portrait (1909), Oskar Herman (1906), Nikola Mašić – sketchbook drawing (1890), Bella Csikos Sessia – preparatory drawing (1893)

Menci Klement Crnčić - Slankamen, 1902

Mato Celestin Medović - studija, 1893

Miroslav Kraljević - SP, 1909

Oskar Herman - 1906 NIkola Mašić - 1890

Bella Csikos Sessia - Greek fighters, 1893


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