Posted by: Valentino Radman | September 20, 2013

Ivan Meštrović’s exhibition in Zadar


Ivan Meštrović was one of the most important sculptors of the first third of 20th century. He is renowned as possibly the greatest sculptor of religious subject matter since the Renaissance, the first living person to have a one man show at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City and London’s Victoria & Albert Museum (check my entry about the latter here. )

An exhibition of his works has been opened this week in the Zadar’s City Lodge. It was organized on the occasion of the 130th birth anniversary of  Meštrović. Here are some of the works on display:


Ivan_Mestrovic_Mati_zavjetuje_dijete_Zahvalimo_njoj_Zadar_1379320772   Ivan_Mestrovic_Zahvalimo_njoj_Zadar_2_1379320190

IMG_9798 copy

IMG_9787 copy 2

IMG_9795 copy

IMG_9800 copy

IMG_9785 copy

On this link you can see photos (credits to their author) taken at the recently closed Meštrović’s exhibition in Musée Rodin in Paris.


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