Posted by: Valentino Radman | July 30, 2017

Highschool mural

It’s been awhile since the last post… In the meantime I completed a mural painting in the high school where I teach Art history (that was several months ago, actually). It took a month of work – on and of, a couple of hours a day. First pencils, than the lines and finally – colours. It was done in acrylic paints. One of the main challenges was drawing out all those lines with small brush and WITHOUT ruler. I used it in the pencil stage (mistakes done with pencils, of course, could be easily erased) but I couldn’t use it in later stages, since the ruler too easily slide down on vertical surface. The resulting smudges would be very hard to fix. Another problem was the fact that the original reference image was small (800 pixels). I printed it out on A3 format, but still, I could not discern most of the details – so I had to extrapolate from what I knew on cityscape drawings of the period.  The mural is based on the earliest known depiction of Zadar (my city), from 1486.

IMG_5206 copy

20161215_124959 copy

IMG-20161222-WA0001 copy

20170105_132450 copy 2

20170110_121556 copy

20170113_172559 copy

IMG_5207 copy

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