Posted by: Valentino Radman | April 11, 2019

Exhibition at Rector’s palace

There was an exhibition opening this evening at the Rector’s palace in Zadar. Visitors could take a look at some representative works of Croatian modernist painters from the Kallay Collection. Here are some of the paintings (top to down: Vladimir Varlaj-1929, Marijan Trepše-1928, Ljubo Babić-1916, Milivoj Uzelac, Vladimir Becić-1928, Mihovil Kušlin, Milan Steiner-1917).

Vladimir Varlaj - Novi, 1929 copyMarijan Trepše - Žena u interijeru, 1928 copyLjubo Babić - Black Flag, 1916 copyMilivoj Uzelac - Djevojački akt copyVladimir Becić - Kompozicija II, 1928 copyMihovil Krušlin - Brodovi copy

Milan Steiner - Krajolik kraj Save, 1917 copy

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