I am Valentino Radman, a painter and, occasionally, photographer.  I graduated from Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, Croatia and am member of  Croatian Society of Visual Artists.  I live in Zadar, Croatia. My paintings can be seen at my website and on my Facebook page.



  1. Valentino: I just found your blog and am thrilled to learn about all the wonderful artists from Croatia. Thank you for posting the information and the pictures of their works.

  2. Hi. Can you pls send me your email ad? I need to ask you something. Thank you! Marius

    • Hi, my mail is: studio (et) valentinoradman.com

      • hello Valentino i hope you remember me rudi from Belgium te son from louis and irena, we played together when we ware kids +- 13 years old. i must say your paintings are realy good. i hope that i can come next year to Zadar to visit you and see your work a live. self i am now a composer producer and sound engineer. i hope we can come together next year if that is alright for you say hello to your parents and brother from me. greetings rudi

      • Hi Rudi, glad to hear from you 🙂 I’ve sent you an email on your Hotmail account.

  3. Hello Valentino. Are you the photographer who took the pictures of teh balloon flight down Mamet Cave, in Croatia? I am researching/writing a book about the history of manned balloon flight, and I am looking for a high quality photo showing the balloon at the bottom of Mamet. Can you help me please? All assistance will of course be credited in the book when published this summer.
    I do hope you can help with this request. Many thanks in advance, my friend.

    • Hi Howard,
      I’d like to help you, but am afraid I can not, since I did not took the pics of that balloon flight…If I had knew the name of the photographer(s) I would have credited them in the post, but I do not know that, either 😦
      Best wishes,

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