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Several recent works

It’s been a while since I posted some of my works here (a year actually, now that I think about it)…so it’s due time to upload – say, a couple of drawings I’ve done lately.

IMG_3582 copyFB IMG_3333 FB V. Radman - She's got the look IMG_3420 copyFB

Posted by: Valentino Radman | March 17, 2015

“Your Life is Full of Croatia” video

Here’s new promotional video for Croatia. Since this small country has given outstanding persons and ingenious inventions to the big world, people at TouristarTV decided to make a promotional video that shows some of those. Of course, they did not even try to mention all important Croats throughout the history – this is just a 1:50 min promo video – but the sheer significance of the people and inventions included in this video are more than enough to remember that our lives are full of Croatia, indeed.

Posted by: Valentino Radman | November 11, 2014

Feel ZADAR, 2014

Zadar, Croatia

Zadar Tourist Board has published new promotional video today titled “Feel ZADAR, 2014″. This four minute film highlights cultural landmarks, both historical and modern, of the beautiful Croatian coastal town I live in.

Posted by: Valentino Radman | October 1, 2014

First air balloon flight to the underground – Mamet Cave, Croatia

Nature park Velebit

Exactly ten years after the recording of Felix Baumgartners base-jump in the Mamet Cave went around the World, this abyss on Velebit Mountain became the scene of another daring venture. Ivan Trifonov, a seventy-year-old Austrian with a Croatian passport, was the first man to try, and succeed in flying a hot-air balloon underground. The historic balloon flight – which was inspired by the visionary Jules Verne’s book Journey to the Centre of the Earth – lasted about 25 minutes. Trifonov is experienced hot-air balloon pilot and a proud holder of 4 Guinness records. Flying into the Mamet Cave, touching it’s bottom and successfully flying out of the cave is likely to be his fifth record, since no-one has ever done such a thing before. The aircraft was expertly lowered into the 206-meters deep and 90×160 m wide cave.  For flying underground Trifonov had to use a hot-air balloon specially designed for this unusual venture. His balloon was smaller than usual, and the brave pilot set on two gas tanks linked with steel pipes, instead of a basket.

Link to a video.


lowering into cave

Posted by: Valentino Radman | July 4, 2014

Central Dalmatia wins award for stunning promotional video



A short video promoting Central Dalmatia has beaten 68 other videos from around the world to win the award for the Best Short Promotional Video at the Baku International Tourism Film Festival in Azerbaijan. The video, titled ‘The Heart of the Adriatic’, was made by the Split-Dalmatia County Tourist Board, with the film’s director Ivan Perić also picking up the Best Director award.

“The film was produced by the Split-Dalmatia County Tourist Board together with the team at Dream Division Production, and the award is a great success and recognition for the tourist board’s work,” said the Ministry of Tourism.

The film has had more than 1 million views to date on YouTube.

(source: Croatia Week)
Posted by: Valentino Radman | June 15, 2014

My solo show

I will have a one man show titled “A Moment of Stillness” at Captain’s Tower Gallery in Zadar,  on June 20th. Here are two of my most recent paintings, both done for that exhibition.

A Moment of Stillness                 You can check the work in progress shots of this painting here.


Monday Morning

Posted by: Valentino Radman | April 25, 2014

Digitisation of the Croatian Art Nouveau


Thanks to the international project of digitization of European heritage – Partage Plus, more than 5.000 objects from the Croatian Art Nouveau period is available online on leading internet portal for culture of the European Union – Europeana. 

Art Nouveau, one of the last universal styles reflected in all branches of art was inspired by nature, with identifiable curvilinear form and ornamentation of flat lines on the facades of buildings and on everyday use items. It became the characteristic of the time that aspired to combine art and craft and at the turn of the century to unite Europe in a single unique artistic style. Although in time somewhat forgotten because of the styles of Modernism, Secession is now more popular than ever. It is well represented in museum collections, archives, libraries and buildings throughout Europe, and is known under the names of Art Nouveau, Liberty Style, Modernism, Secession, Arte Nova, Style 1900 and Jugendstil.

The object of Partage Plus – Digitising and Enabling Art Nouveau for Europeana was to unite and digitize the whole of European heritage of the Art Nouveau period and make it more familiar to the large European public. In this project, more than 75.000 Art Nouveau objects, artworks, posters, and buildings and 2.000 3D models has been digitized. Croatia has contributed to the project with 5176 objects and 135 3D models.


Three Graces, 1918


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Recent works

I don’t know if you noticed, but when there’s a big gap between blog posts, the first sentence usually starts with “It’s been a while since my last post, but…” Admittedly, my previous blog entry was published last year so it does make sense to use the phrase here, but I’ll skip it :)

Here are a couple of drawings I did in the meantime.

IMG_0125 copydel posli


true detective

Ok, this one is obviously not a drawing. It is work in progress, halfway done

Ok, this one is obviously not a drawing. It is work in progress, halfway done   

IMG_0035 copydel

IMG_9957 copy

IMG_0130 Fb



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My Behance page

Behance is one of the popular platforms to showcase illustration, photography, graphic design and fashion. I noticed that many of the illustrators and designers whose work I personally admire display their online portfolios there.  So, I took the opportunity to create and manage my own online portfolio. The difference between my website and my Behance page is primarily in the works I choose to display. My website feature fine oil paintings and is made to attract potential clients and buyers, while on Behance I display my illustrations, drawings, photography and works in progress…in short – all the stuff I do besides fine art.

 link to  My Behance page

my Behance page

Posted by: Valentino Radman | November 9, 2013

Bukovac at Sotheby’s New York sale

While Sotheby’s New York sale of 19th Century European Art went to auction yesterday, their London sale of 19th Century European Paintings will not go on the block until later this month, that is – on November 20th.  The sale comprises 115 lots, and, as is per usual with these London sales, features artists of great interest to collectors on the European continent.

This medium sized Bukovac is lot 23, and though it doesn’t rank among his top tier works, the estimated prize is  £  25,000 — 35,000 ($ 40,000-55,000).

In the Budoir, 60x50 cm

In the Budoir, 59 by 48cm

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